Bug? Mouse click on label changes size and position in designer


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I have the Designer connected to the Nexus 7 AVD and I am working through the beginner tutorial (First program).

Everything works as the tutorial describes. What I find however is that if i set say lblNumber1 to left 60, top 10, height 60 etc. in the designer then click on another label or button on the emulator and then click back to the first one the location and dimensions displayed by the designer change by one pixel (left 59, top 9, height 59 ...)

If i change (just) left back to 60 (leave top 9 etc.) then click away and back left drops to 58 and the others decrease by 1 again so i get 59, 8, 58...

There is also a red line drawn down one side of the label - depends on the value that is changed (which disappears when i click on the emulator screen blank area).

The decrementing effect only seems to happen on the first return click after a value has changed (not just a numerical value, it does it if i change the text).

This happens on all the labels and buttons.

Any thoughts?