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I got fed up with not being able to get a quick review of movies so created this app. It connects to, an awesome movie review website and grabs its data.

I found it a great learning experience, I think apps like this, that exploit existing databases on the net, have lots of possibilities. Its taken me about 3 days to make, but weeks to think about first.

As an app its lifespan is determined by how often RT changes its code, so it will never be a great seller, as it competes against their own apps (which suck).

Anyway i know there are lots of better ways to make it, you could probably chop the code right down using regular expressions, but there seemed to be few examples of working with strings like this on the site so I thought I would give it to the community as an example.

I havn't finished with it but its 99% functional, it seems to skips a bit when loading and saving really long reviews, I was looking to see if it was file sizes but gave up :) Can't guarantee variable names (find and search) are all correct as I changed my mind 1/2 way though the project

Enjoy :)

Here it is in the market


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OMG! I never knew there was one!!!!!!


Oh well it was a good learning experience :)