MP3 reading, fullscreen form, PDA buttons control, Sound statement, PDA Radio, etc


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in a non profit project we are developing – using BASIC4PPC – a little PDA application prototype, a MP3 reader.

This reader must be used without watching the PDA screen.

Application users are disabled people and no disabled people in some disabling circumstances (car driving, walking, etc.).

User uses fingers to "explore" the screen and receives info about the zone where fingers stay.
There are 5 zones:
- 4 zones divide screen into 4 similar rectangles;
- 1 zone is a circle at the screen center.
Each zone launches a different command: "Previous", "Next", "Play/Pause", etc (a particular zone is idle to allow the user not to raise her/his hand from the screen).

We need nice, intelligent and smart solutions using BASIC4PPC able to make available natural interactions with the user; eg:

1.) We need a full-screen form (like Tom-Tom navigator; PDA four corners easy to reach and natural boundary in "exploring" the screen); alternatively, we need up-bar and down-bar all events notification to our application;

2.) we need complete control over PDA buttons (Window, etc) (every PDA buttons events must be notified to our application);

3.) we need complete control over Sound statement: when user "explores" the screen, we need to pause current played MP3, then we play a new MP3 containing the command description associated with "explored" zone and finally (if user doesn't confirm the command launch) we resume paused MP3; alternatively, we need Windows Media Player shell complete control;

4.) we need to use PDA Radio: may BASIC4PPC help us?

Can you help us?


Utiss DevOne
Torino, Italia


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"PDA Radio" means "radio fm tuner"

Thanks, this saves us a lot of time and shows BASIC4PPC power! :)

4) We mean "radio fm tuner" (and its software application) with "PDA Radio": we need to tune to the presetted stations alerting user when specified program is starting (we use Outolook Calendar to store program and its starting date-hour).