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Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by klarsys, May 27, 2015.

  1. klarsys

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    Reference to this thread:

    I use hosted Mac service and I get build error when I include MQTT library in my project.

    Request @Erel to make this library available on hosted Mac builder.

    Error looks like this:
    An error occurred.
    n -miphoneos-version-
    min=7.0 -iquote /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -I/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -I/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -iquote /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -I/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/Payload/include -I/Applications/ -I/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -I/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -F/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/Payload -F../../Libs -MMD -MT dependencies -MF /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ --serialize-diagnostics /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/ -c /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/B4iProject/LS_profile.m -o /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/abcdefg/build/

    Error: ** BUILD FAILED **

    The following build commands failed:
        CompileC build/ B4iProject/b4i_main.m normal armv7 objective-c
        CompileC build/ B4iProject/b4i_profile.m normal armv7 objective-c
        CompileC build/ B4iProject/b4i_statemanager.m normal armv7 objective-c
    3 failures)
  2. Erel

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    I'm unable to reproduce it. Can you paste the full error message? Does it happen with a new project after you add the iMQTT library?
  3. klarsys

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    You are correct. There seems to be some issue with iLocation and iMQTT libraries.
    I get error with attached new project (I only added both libraries).

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  4. Erel

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    I guess that this library includes the h file of iLocation. This is a mistake. It should only reference this file.
  5. klarsys

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