Android Question Msgbox/Msgbox2 Label Wrap on non-Holo themes

Jeffrey Cameron

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I have several customers still using old devices that are running gingerbread. This started sometime back in B4A version 4.x but I'm just now getting around to addressing it. Any long messages I display using the MsgBox or the MsgBox2 functions are not wrapped and any explicit CRLF pairs are ignored when the box is displayed, for example:
Msgbox2("Line 1" & CRLF & "Really long line two to see if this wraps on the display." & CRLF & "Line 3", "Wrap Test", "", "OK", "",Null)
will produce:

I understand that I might be able to remove the theme entry from the manifest to fix this, or code my own message box function, but I was hoping there was something that can be done without a bunch of recoding or penalizing people with newer OS builds.

Is there any way you can modify the label you're using in the message box to have explicit wrap, or is there any way through reflection to access the label you're using and set it myself?

Thanks in advance,
- Richard


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I clear @android:style/Theme.Holo in manifest.and it work correctly.
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