Multiple layouts example


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In this example we will create one layout with 2 panels. Each of the panels fills half of the screen.
First we add the 2 panels and then we add this script code:
'All variants script
Panel1.SetLeftAndRight(0, 100%x)
Panel1.SetTopAndBottom(0, 50%y)

Panel2.SetLeftAndRight(0%x, 100%x)
Panel2.SetTopAndBottom(50%y, 100%y)

Each panel was set with a different color to make it easier to see the layout:

We will now create another two layout files. Each layout will be loaded to a different panel.

One layout is made of three CheckBoxes and a "close" button and the second layout is made of three RadioButtons and a "close" button.

The button it docked to the right with this code:
btnX.Right = 100%x

This is our complete code:
   public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      Designer4android d4a = new Designer4android("MainLayout");
      ViewGroup vg = d4a.loadLayout(this, this);
   public void onLayoutLoaded(Designer4android d4a, boolean success, Exception e) {
      if (!success) {
         Log.e("MyTag", "Error loading layout file", e);
         finish(); //close the activity
      ViewGroup panel1, panel2;
      panel1 = (ViewGroup)d4a.getView("Panel1");
      panel2 = (ViewGroup)d4a.getView("Panel2");
      panel1.addView(new Designer4android("Panel1Layout").loadLayout(this, null));
      panel2.addView(new Designer4android("Panel2Layout").loadLayout(this, null));

The result is:



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This is great tutorial you have shared and honestly, I am not familiar with this and if its for the growth in me then I would love to learn this. I will try my best to learn this program and this is a good reference for me.