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Christian García S.

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I have implemented two types of monitoring in my IOS app, the circular region and the region for beacons using this tutorial: post-654118

I receive a lot of PUSH (at the same time for the same location) when the user lock and unlock the phone or for another reason (Circular region), can I change the configuration in monitoring only for sending one notification by day or something??




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Christian García S.

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This is the code, I am using in LocManager_StateChanged when change state is 1:

Sub LocManager_RegionEnter(Region As NativeObject)
    Log("Entro region")
'    Globals.Push("RegionEnter",GetType(Region),0)
End Sub

Sub LocManager_RegionExit(Region As NativeObject)
    Log("Salio region")
'    Globals.Push("RegionExit",GetType(Region),0)
End Sub

Sub LocManager_StateChanged(State As Int, Region As Object)
    '0 = unknown, 1 = inside, 2 = outside
    Log("Region: " & GetType(Region) & ", State: " & State & ", " & $"$Time{DateTime.Now}"$)
    If State = 1 And GetType(Region) = "CLBeaconRegion" Then
    End If
    If    State = 1 And GetType(Region) = "CLCircularRegion" Then
'        Globals.Push("CircularRegion",Globals.mensajeRegionCircular,0)
        Dim no As NativeObject = Region
    End If
End Sub
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