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Hi :)
This is new App:
Listen to all tracks mix of your favorite singer or group go for free streaming.
Tired of listening to the whole song? Would you like a mix of the best pieces to listen?
Music Mix your App.
Listen to your favorite mix in a legal way, the best 30 seconds for each song to an irresistible mix.
Available in ediverse languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
Music Mix allows you to search for artists and songs, and then add them to your preferred list. More than 35 million titles are available in a few clicks.
★ Music Search / Artist with a single search
★ Listen to hours of music with a mix of the best pieces you selected
★ Create Play List
★ Repeat button to hear repeatedly the song or play list of your choice
★ Listen to your continuous Artist or your favorite Play List
★ Etc ..

All kinds available!
How many kinds of music are available?
More than 35 million titles
How to create playlist?
To create a playlist, just click on the Favorites icon
How to search for a song?
Just click on the search tab and enter a word or phrase for any artist, album or song title.


You can download HERE

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