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I dont know where to put it because there is no Share your Creation for B4i so i will put it here

What the app use?

- Labels
- Picker
- Panels
- Textfields
- Buttons

* Animations for Panels/Picker are also used (*.SetAlphaAnimated(250,1))
* Save/Read Settings to File

I made this app also for android and the code is alsmost the same, all calculations work, regex.split works, works, File.ReadList(...) works, Timer works, ... really great that it works almost the same as B4a, like this it will be very easy to convert b4a to b4i, Thanx EREL :)

What this app does is very simple, it calculates for you how much you will need to work to buy a specific item (you choose from the picker) or you enter it manually

it depends on how much you earn for an hour and how many hours you work in a day and how many hours you work in month like this it will give you the exact time you will need to work to buy a specific item (you can set all this in settings and it will be saved to the phone)

for example for an iphone 6 i will need to work 67 hours and 15 minutes (after i finished this app and saw the result i decided not to buy the new iphone :) )

BTW: To buy B4A i need to work 7 hours and 37 min (i hope i wont need to work so much for B4i :))

IMG_0035.PNG IMG_0038.PNG IMG_0037.PNG

" B4a link (for now its only in hebrew, soon will be multilanguage): "
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