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I created this topic to ask you for help and to avoid polishing others. As some people say, I'm new to programming and especially to B4A. I am looking to learn B4A has developed a small player to listen to a webradio only I encounter problems with.

The shoutcast stream cuts after a few minutes that the screen is turned on or off. The title of the song does not automatically update that the screen is turned on or off too. And to be honest I do not know how to program the action of my player in the taskbar.

I think I know where the biggest problem comes from. It is the organization of the source code that I think generates these title and flow crashes. Thank you in advance for your help because I have been looking for this problem for several weeks without finding any solution.

PS: I attach you to this post the source code of my project. It will be easier I think ;-)

PS 2: I based on full code of the forum. If somebody recognizes their work I'm sorry I did not mention them here because I do not remember who these pieces of code belong to. And sorry for my english ;-)


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I already use a service for the notification bar. And it possible to use this service for streaming playback with exoplayer and the update of the title of the song or do you need to recreate a service by action?
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