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I am producing a free app for both Android and Apple phones. I am finished coding my app and it tests good on a couple of Androids and two iPhones, a 6 and an 8. I had to make adjustments to fit each brand and each model so I'm sure there are others I don't know about. I am developing on a Windows PC and a borrowed iPhone and I don't have access to a Mac.

Is there a low cost emulator I can get to see if other phone models will have problems? I have done an online search but I trust this forum's opinion more than a website's advertisement. While I do enjoy developing this app, I probably won't be developing any more so it doesn't make sense for me to buy an emulator. The Apple version has already cost me about $200 for the compiler and Developer license.

Erel, If this question violates any product endorsement policy you have for the forum, you may remove it, and I won't be offended.

I put this question on the B4a thread also.
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