Android Question New 9.3 - Switch to Android X - class file for not found


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Hello all,

I apologize for having to raise this issue again, but unfortunately the answers
I've found in the forum given have not helped me :( .

I have made a new installation as described online for B4A 9.3 and made
those steps for switching to Android X. But unfortunately I can't get my
projects compiled.

B4A Version: 9.30
Java Version: 8
Parse den Code.    (0.15s)
Building folders structure.    (0.01s)
Kompiliere den Code.    (0.76s)
Kompiliere Layoutcode.    (0.11s)
Organisiere Libraries.    (0.00s)
    (AndroidX SDK)
Generiere R Datei.    (0.48s)
Kompiliere Debugger-Code    (2.54s)
Kompiliere generierten Java Code.    Error
B4A line: 428
javac 1.8.0_221
src\de\apsdelta\android\apprm602\ error: cannot access PagerAdapter
  class file for not found

What have I tried so far:
- Android SDK in B4A - checked that I have all downloads.
- Jetifier says: Nothing to do (I had already run that).
- Clean Project.
- Tried multiple suggestions with #AdditionalJar to add support-v4.jar.
- Searched for which was not installed
and downloaded this among other matching "".

Unfortunately, all this did not change the error message.

I'm sure I miss something and I'm the one not getting it. I mean it lacks
a reference or a lib but I do not know where to start anymore.

Any help or tip would be great!



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Hello Erel,

I apologize for the late reply. I was at least a few days on vacation.

Where is AHPageViewer library located? Open the internal libraries folder and make sure that it is NOT there.
Darn :eek:. AHPageViewer was indeed in the internal libraries folder (with 4 others).

Moved to correct position and compiled afterwards without problems with AndroidX.

My mistake, thank you very much for the help!