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Good morning everyone,

I have received this from Google and I do not know what am I supposed to do (if there is anything I can do - maybe something must change in the B4A GoogleMaps library code as can be seen here). Can somebody advise me on this:


Some of your projects use Maps SDK for Android. Try the new upgrade to test the improved renderer and other features.
Hello Google Maps Platform Customer,
We're writing to inform you that we released a major update of Maps SDK for Android (version 18.0.0), and it is now available via Google Play services. This Maps SDK update features a new map renderer, which will become the default renderer for Android devices* through a progressive rollout, starting in March 2022 at the earliest.
Update to the new SDK (version 18.0.0) now to test and deploy the new SDK and renderer with your apps before the new renderer becomes the default for Android devices*.
We’ve improved how we serve tiles to your apps and render the map on client devices with the new SDK. Therefore, Android devices will benefit from:
  • Reduced network load, processing demand, and memory consumption.
  • Improved gesture handling for better animations, plus smoother panning and zooming.
  • More fluid transitions and clearly positioned map labels.
  • A more stable and improved user experience for future map innovations on Android.
The new SDK also includes the general availability of Cloud-based maps styling on mobile (Android and iOS). Usage of Cloud-based maps styling for a map in Maps SDK for Android is billed with the Dynamic Maps SKU. For more information on pricing and included features, see our Cloud-based maps styling documentation.
*All devices on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later with 2 GB or more of data storage will use the new renderer. All other devices will continue to use the legacy renderer until further notice.

What do I need to do?​

To anticipate and avoid issues with your apps we advise you to:
  1. Use the new SDK.
  2. Specify the new renderer in your code.
Before the beginning of the new SDK progressive rollout in March 2022. See our documentation for instructions on how to try the new renderer.
If you encounter any issues in your apps with the new SDK or the new renderer, please report them to us, and consider pausing the apps’ deployment to users until the issues are resolved.
We have determined that your projects listed below are using Maps SDK for Android:
Project name (project number)Apps using Maps SDK for Android
API Project (xxxxxxxxxxxxx)dhqi.parking.reminder
As always, you can contact Google Maps Platform Support with any questions.
Thank you for choosing Google Maps Platform.
– The Google Maps Platform Team
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Your app is on GooglePlay?
As far as i could see it seems to be only working with apps which are on GooglePlay.

I created a copy of GoogleMap library using the mentioned changes.

If i start my app (not on playstore) i can see the Renderer.Lastest in the log.
But i´m not able to set a couldmap-style (map-Id) to the map. In the unfiltered log i can see that GoogleMaps is checking the existence in playstore.
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I want to add some of the GoogleMapsExtras functionality to the new GoogleMap before i release it.
Hopefully i get some time to implement them in the next weeks.
I was thinking that @Erel would modify the google maps library to the new 18.0.0 SDK methods.
And it will add missing methods and others are on googlemapextras.

I have done some for one of my projects.

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