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HI Erel

Since v5 seems to be a major update to B4PPC I would like to suggest the creation of two new sub-forums under(inside) the "question & Help", being them:

B4PPC v4.x - for questions related to the v4
B4PPC v5 - for questions related to the v5

I think that most users will still continue to use v4 untill we guet used to the v5 features...


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Hi Cableguy,

on my opinion there is no need to devide the forum in different sub-forums for each version.
1. The new key features are more speed :)sign0060:) and a better desktop editor. The language itself did not change as much.
2. You always have to look in more different (sub)forums if you want to browse through some old threads/posts.
3. If someone asks a question he often doesn't know what is causing the problem. The version of basic4ppc, a programming error, or something else ?
4. And often threads contain more infos that maybe useful for all users indipendent from the version somebody uses.

So I think it is not necessary to introduce those sub-forums ... :sign0152:



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I tend to agree that its not worth splitting the forum into V4 and V5 as many topics will most likely be applicable to both versions, I imagine that there will only be a few that are specific to just one version or the other.



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I agree, this isn't the best way to go.
It's alot better when new versions come out, and you post a thread you just write your thread topic like this:

Cannot start compiled program [V6]

something like that.
And it is also a good idea when a problem has been resolved to add [fixed] to the topic name so people can see the issue has been resolved so we avoid numerous posts of the same topic.