New to B4P


Hello all,

I am new here and I have a few questions.

1> Does B4P create code for both the PDA and Desktop at one time?

2> Is there a Printing option for both the PDA and Desktop?

3> Is there a SQLite DB option in B4P?

I want to update all my old programs from RealBasic to that of B4P. All of the above are options that are used in the my RealBasic programs.



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There is a printing option for the desktop.
Check out my It is much more capable than the Printer Object in the Desktop only library.

EDIT: Just noticed that you may not be a registered user yet so you may not be able to access the libraries. Don't hesitate, buy this program. For both PC and PDA development it is excellent value for money and the additional libraries are the icing on the cake!
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