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Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by stobi, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. stobi

    stobi New Member Licensed User

    Dear all,
    do to a current requirement for building an iOS application which supports push notifications I'm about to code this in B4I (with v2.0 Beta 3) and the hosted mac builder.
    My goal is to create a very simple sample app which registers to the apns and displays the device token.
    When a notification is sent to that device I want to simply display it.
    For sending notifications while testing I want to use the tool from Alberto Iglesias ( ).

    This is what I've done so far with certificates:

    - Created new "keys" using Tools -> Private sign key
    - Created new iOS App Development Certificate using the just created CSR file
    - Saved the new ios_development.cer file to the configured keys folder
    - Created new iOS App ID "b4xTest" with Explict App ID "com.mydomain.b4xTest" and selected push notifications
    Identifier ""
    - Created new iOS Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox) Certificate using the previously created App ID and the previously created (b4i) CSR file
    - Saved the new aps_development.cer file to the configured keys folder
    - Created new iOS App Development Provisioning profile
    with selecting the previously created App ID and the iOS App Development Certificate
    Profile Name: b4xTest ProvProfile
    - Saved the provisioning profile in to the configured keys folder (b4xTest_ProvProfile.mobileprovision)
    - Executed "Create Push Store"

    As sample I used the code attached to this post.

    And here are my questions/problems:

    1) For the types HttpJob and ByteConverter I receive messages: Unknown type: ... Are you missing a library reference? Which libraries do I have to select in the library manager or do I have to do here something other, too ?
    2) I'm unable to compile the project to a ipa file. Using "Tools -> Build server -> Build release app" I receive the message "Please set the device IP address under Tools -> Device Ip Address" ?? What do I have to do here ? Hosted Mac Builder is configured.
    3) Is the push.keystore file a .p12 file I can use for Alberto's push sending tool ? Or where can I create this file and password for it ?

    Thank you very much for any help !

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  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    I recommend you to start with a few simple programs before implementing push notifications.

    1. You need to add a reference to RandomAccessFile library.
    2. You need to follow tutorial about B4i-Bridge.
    3. I never used this tool. Why don't you use B4X push server instead?
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