Wish No anti alias option on B4XCanvas


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Currently B4XCanvas uses anti aliasing.

This poses problems if you need pixel perfect drawings and fonts. I have a font that contains special characters and I want to measure and print a string from that font without having an anti alias effect.

Could you add an option to deactivate anti aliasing on B4XCanvas to be able to use MeasureFont and DrawText without extra pixels added by the anti aliasing?

Just to be clear: I need this for all platforms. Thanks!


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I've tried going this way:
Dim cv As Canvas = GetNativeCanvas(MyCanvas) ' MyCanvas is a B4XCanvas

Sub GetNativeCanvas (b4x As B4XCanvas) As Canvas
    Dim jo As JavaObject = b4x
    jo = jo.GetFieldJO("cvs")
    If xui.IsB4J Then Return jo.RunMethod("getObject", Null)
    Return jo
End Sub

But the text is still drawn using anti aliasing:

(and on B4J I get Unknown member: antialias)