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Just to waste time and avoid thinking about more important things (sooner or later I'll learn the meaning of the word "priority", I hope :D) I wanted to try a method found on the site about the canvas.

The method in question is SetAntiAlias.

I would have done better to avoid, because I met more of one problem.

I attach a small test project, hoping someone enlighten me.

Since it was a test, I decided to create a simple clock, only the second hand.

1) strangely the radius (hand) protrudes beyond the clock panel (maybe I should "resize" it, but it seems strange to me);

2) if I use the above mentioned method, I can not delete well the hand indicating the previous second;

3) if I set the color property of the panel, the design of the hand does not appear (this will be due to things that I did not have the patience to study, like backgrounds, drawables, etc.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to participate.

(As usual, I apologize for my bad English).


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Perfect explanation, thank Erel.

For point 1, I will add a gif (now that you've taught me how to post them, this amuses me :D)
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