no event changingselected cell in a table?


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i think i found a bug in the optimise compiler.
i change the selected cell in a table in order to scroll up or down
to the begining or the and (AM PM) of the table
like the example below.
it worked with the usual compiler it does'nt work on the device
with opitimisation.
the event doesnt shoot ?

Sub BtnPMW_Click
swdontask = 2
swampm = 2
TableWeek.SelectCell("Hour",TableWeek.RowCount - 1)
swdontask = 0
End Sub

j. mohar


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changing selected cell

hi erel
it work at first but after changing once and adding a new lesson it doesnt react until you scroll the table "manually"
you can check it by compiling the lessons program :
i'm attaching the device exe with the files needed to run on the device
the bug is after addin new lesson in diary or week screens
the scroll bar does not react to AM PM controls but react after
you move the scroll bar manually back
it might be a bug in the program but it worked fine with the usual compiler
i hope this will help
j mohar


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It appears like a different behavior between .Net CF 2.0 and .Net CF 1.0.
For some reason the Table control doesn't refresh properly.
You can add the following lines in Sub BtnDayLes_Click:
    tableday.Width = tableday.Width + 1
    tableday.Width = tableday.Width - 1
This will refresh the scroll bars.

BTW, there is a syntax error in line 437 (the msgbox should be in a new line).