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With B4A I was loading a large list (500 rows) and each row in the list had approx. 4 labels and 2 images (6 objects per row)
6 x 500 = 3000 objects.

I found my B4A app crashed due to running out of memory, and I then used the Ultimate List View -

Since using that my B4A app is fine.

Now, my question is will I have the same issue with a app written with B4i ?
How many items can be placed on the screen (in a list) before the app will run out of memory or is there something similar to the ULV that I can use with B4i ?


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The question is not about the number of items. It is the number of images that caused your app to run out of memory.

You can add thousands (or more) items to a page and it will work fine.

Images take quite a lot of memory. Currently there is no LoadBitmapSample in B4i so you need to make sure that the images are not too large.
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