iOS Question Obj C Class and #IF OBJC / An attempt at ViewBadger functionality for iOS


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In the Android version of my app, I use ViewBadger to put a badge on buttons.
Now I try to do the same in iOS.
I found this Objective C Class:

My question is: Can I use that class by importing the NimbusBadge.h from within an #IF OBJC block in B4i, define a wrapper in Objective C to set a badge on a view and then write a B4i Sub that wraps the Objective C wrapper method ?

Something like this:

#import "NimbusBadge.h"

- (void) setBadgeViewInternal:(NSString*)txt :(UIColor*)bgColor :(UIView*)viewButton
NIBadgeView* badgeView = [[NIBadgeView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];
badgeView.text = txt;
badgeView.tintColor = bgColor;
[badgeView sizeToFit];
[viewButton addSubview:badgeView];


Sub setBadgeView(txt As String, bgColor As Color, v As View)

Dim no As NativeObject = Me
no.RunMethod("setBadgeViewInternal:::", Array As Object(txt, no.ColorToUIColor(bgColor), v))

End Sub

And calling the B4i sub:

Dim btn As Button
btn.Text = "Click Me"
setBadgeView("7", Colors.Blue, btn)

If this is possible, where do I place any .h and .m files of NimbusBadge so that they are included in my project ?
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