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This is my code

Sub Table1_SelectionChanged (ColName, Row)
a = Row
textbox1.Text = table1.Cell("Internal",a)
textbox6.Text = table1.Cell("CldOd",a)
textbox2.Text = table1.Cell("CldFrPos",a)
textbox7.Text = table1.Cell("HtOd",a)
textbox3.Text = table1.Cell("HtFPos",a)
textbox8.Text = table1.Cell("AmtWire",a)
textbox4.Text = table1.Cell("Pph",a)
textbox9.Text = table1.Cell("WrSize",a)
textbox5.Text = table1.Cell("CycTime",a)
textbox10.Text = table1.Cell("Mach",a)
End Sub

textbox10.text dumps an error code of object reference not set to an instance of an object.

If I remark it out the sub works fine. :sign0148: :confused:



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Erel here is the code and a text file for it to load.


  • MyData1.zip
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Thanks Erel

I thought this text file worked under version 4 and was at a loss when it didn't with 5.50. I can see I have some learning to do. In the end I want to load it into a sqlite db, that will be a whole new can of worms. Thanks again for your fast response and you have created a nice product.

dennishea :sign0060: