B4A Library OfficeWorker - Create office docs!

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to release the alpha version of OfficeWorker!
With OfficeWorker, you will be able to create your own Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, Outlook and Publisher files.

Currently OfficeWorker is in alpha stage.
It now only include HSSF Excel files. (.xls).

These are the following functions:

        Dim EW As ExcelWorker
   Dim Wb As ExcelHSSFWorkbooks
   Dim Sheet1 As ExcelSheets
   Dim Row1, Row2 As ExcelRows
   Dim Cell1, Cell2 As ExcelCells
   Dim CS, CS2 As ExcelCellStyles
   Dim Color As ExcelColors
   Dim Fonts As ExcelFonts

You can create your own sheets, give style to cells, save, etc.
I'm releasing it now, cause it needs some debugging.

Please let me know what you think of it so far.
Link include:
- Library files ( POI3.7.jar and OfficeWorker.jar)
- Sample file
- ReadMe (don't forget to read).

3.5 mb
Download here.

Note that I am currently in my exam period and won't be able to be online much till next friday.

Have fun.



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Were is the file?

I cannot find the file to download. The link takes me to a generic website unrelated to programming.


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Any DOC file viewer samples ?


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Can u please upload this useful lib again ? I cant download from your site,your site is unreachable