Android Question One APK = One app and one launcher icon?


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I have a problem, where I want to place two icons in the launcher (if possible, both launching the same app, but with som way of telling which was used) from one APK.

In short, I have my emergency SMS application (see AlwaysSMS in my sig). Now, I want to make an optional companion app for it, which can send emergency SMS. As I envision it, it would have two starting options:

* Ordinary app. Here's where you have settings, can send a message with any text and so on.
* Emergency. Single click send of a pre-defined message (which can include position and such stuff).

If this was Windows, I would simply have created two icons, and on one of them added a command line parameter to tell "It's an emergency, someone is hitting me with a blunt object repeatedly so I don't want to fiddle around with the finer details of composing an SMS, send now!", then checked for that parameter in my program.

Is there an Android way of doing that, or will I have to go the widget route?


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Create a widget!
The icon would launch your app in a normal way, the widget would do the automatic sending to a number pre-defined in the widget settings page.
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