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Is there a way to use only one B4Xdrawer for all pages? Like an Layer over all Pages.
I want to have one sidebar where i can switch to different screens.

Right now there are some points wich i find unattractive:
- I need to create a new drawer for every page
- I need to setback the drawer content manually to be fresh if i call that screen again.
- If i switch the page the drawer disappear immediately. It would be nicer if the the new page apears in the background and the drawer closes with the animation

Thx in advance


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In B4A it is possible to add the drawer in the Main module and it will be accessible in all pages:
Sub Globals
    Private Drawer As B4XDrawer
End Sub

Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    Drawer.Initialize(Me, "Drawer", Activity, 200dip)
    Dim pm As B4XPagesManager
End Sub

It is not cross platform and isn't flexible.

A better approach is to implement all the drawer related code in a class and create a class instance in each of the pages.
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