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Robert Valentino

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I have downloaded a file from Firebase storage to File.DirDocuments and am trying to open it with no success

I've tried ActivityViewController and DocumentInteraction but I never see the file open (using a iPad 9th)
                    Dim mp         As Page = xPage
                    mDI.Initialize("di", File.DirDocuments, StandingUpLoadID) 
'                     Dim avc     As ActivityViewController
'                    Dim mp         As Page = xPage
'                       avc.Initialize("avc", Array(CreateFileUrl(File.DirTemp, StandingUpLoadID)))
'                     avc.Show(mp, mp.RootPanel)

Is there something I need to include to let me actually open the file. I'm sure it is there because File.Exists gives me info.

I've tried both File.DirDocuments and File.DirTemp