iOS Question OTA Deployer with QR Code


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This post is directed toward Erel, but anyone else who can help or make suggestions, feel free to do so ....

OTA Deployer (now at V2.02) is a great tool to deploy your App to provisioned iOS devices. I have been using it regularly to test out my apps and from what I can see on this forum, a lot of others have been too!

One thing that makes it very convenient for me, is to have the installation link generated in the form of a QR code so that I or any of my testers can simply use their cameras on the QR code displayed on the screen and install the App. So what I do is cut and paste the link into another App that I created that generates the QR code.

It would be great if OTA Deployer generated a QR code in addition to the installation link.

If I could have access to the source code and Erel agrees, I would be glad to do this and post the revised App here!