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something i discovered today. I got a MX10 android TV box today. Installed it, working.

Later on i worked a bit on B4a, tried to send the apk as usual to my tablet. Suddenly when i tried to upload a new device popped up, even i didnt select its IP adres. I guessed this was the MX10, checked the IP, it indeed it was.

There was no B4a-Bridge installed on the Mx10, neither i could activate the B4a-bridge on the Mx10
I tried to upload the app to the android mx10, the upload cycle wasnt completed.
Powered up the tele, and to my supprise i saw my app running waiting for input commands.

Funny, nice to have a extra device to test, i think Erel took a protocol for his b4a-bridge which is also implemented in the MX10?
note: the Mx10 ip only shows up when i select the tablet....
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I believe B4A will know about devices by what ADB finds on the network.