B4J Question outofmemoryerror java heap space, what to look for?


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Dear All,

I have an app running in debug mode which after 7ish hours crash with this error. I see it happening when a timer event that runs every 2 mins is triggered, where a bunch of maps and lists are being initialized and cleared. They dont grow very big and there arent alot of them; I´ve had projects running with no issues that grew much larger maps and lists. I thought that maybe initializing a map or list over and over again, being unncessary to do as well when it also gets cleared, somehow could be the reason so now I´m only clearing them and waiting to see if it crashes again.
But am I right that this could be a reason why java heap space grows, or are there other things that I should consider?

Thanks in advance!


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i would make the timer faster and think the problem will happen direct.
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