Android Question Pay with credit card inside the app - in Israel


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I need to create new app, one of customer requirements is to charge for his product (food) inside the app, once getting approval product will be sent to customer
what are my options for credit card online pay in the app?


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This is how I do it:

1. I wrap this script (being careful that this is not the only element/item in your app - or it will be rejected on the stores)
2. I then use a linked payment gateway (In South Africa - a local one is PayFast to collect the funds. (REST Api)

You could use the script as your main focus, but then add items such as delivery tracking (using native items such as location on Google Maps etc), Push Notifications (Especially NB6 with Big Picture) to promote "Specials", rewards and loyalties and customer early warning systems so that when the delivery is, for example, 500m away from its endpoint you can send a PN with a custom sound to warn the customer that they must wait for the doorbell that will ring imminently !!

That's a bit more than your question of options, but most payment gateways have a REST Api and a relatively easy to integrate - the trick being cost - some of them charge as much as 3.8% of your transaction amount - but this is for your client to decide.

Have a lekka day !!


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In Israel there are some payment providers.
The big ones are: CreditGuard, Pelecard and Tranzila.
You will need to implement their iFrame inside your app.
You can also use PayPal.