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Discussion in 'Open Source Projects' started by tsteward, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. digitaldon37

    digitaldon37 Active Member Licensed User

    version .43 - slasher syntax


    I've added all of the markup for the slasher syntax and am uploading the project as version .43

    The syntax uses a 2 character trigger, starting with the "/" character and either ends in the use of that tag again, or with a carriage return

    Slash is the name I gave it because it uses the "slash" character. It's also a play on words for the "bLADE" syntax. :)

    update: .437 - loads INI file on startup
    update: .438 - fixed edit text area on landscape

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  2. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Version 0.44

    • Added shortcut syntax button to allow easy adding image
    • Added open last wiki & page options
    • Added menu "Switch wiki syntax"
    • Added more options to ini file
    • Added css codeing to allow different colors for internal and external links
    • Created logo ( hope Erel doesn't notice I pinched is PDA pic)
    PPPC Wiki is actually very usable now and I am using it myself.

    Updated Post #1
  3. BjornF

    BjornF Active Member Licensed User

    I must agree! It is indeed a very nice program :sign0188:

  4. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User


    I had a look at your porgram, and found that there is much place used for the menu and the buttons.

    I took the liberty to make some cosmetics in using a ToolBar with ToolBarButtons. It gives an area increase of about 30%.

    I have not changed the functionality of the program.

    If you like it, use it.

    Best regards.
  5. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Thank you for your assistance. I didn't go down that track because I didn't think it would be finger friendly, however after trying what you have done I do like the amount of extra room it gives back. Also if I run it in full screen I'll get even more.

    I think I will keep it - Thanks. Now just have to workout importing it into my latest edits, they have been many.

    Stay tuned the next release will be awesome.
  6. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Gday Klaus
    Just noticed you resize the edittext when it has focus thats a nice touch.

    If it possible to have the "Blade wiki" or "slash wiki" menu items checked so as you know which mode you are in.
  7. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hello tsteward,

    I was also thinking about fullscreen which gives you some more space.

    For what I know, it is not possible to check and uncheck a context menu item, otherwise I would have taken the function over.
    I don't know if with the Door library there would be a possibility, I had a short look into the MS documatation but didn't find something.

    Another possibiliy would be, still with fullscreen, to remove also the menu line and manage you own buttons.
    As an example you could have a look at the CAD program in post #24

    Where you have a main toolbar on top and vertical subtoolbars underneath where you can make your choices and also show what item is selected.
    This means that you could remove the contex menu and replace it with buttons and even the shortcut form could be removed and replaced by a vertical subtoolbar.
  8. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    I was just thinking about importing the toolbar managing into your program.
    Instead of moving the content of your button routines into the Toolbar_Click routine, as I did, you could keep your routines as they are and just put the calling instructions in the Toolbar_Click routine. This would for shure simplify the importing.

    Best regards.
  9. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    No worries klaus,
    I simple moved my new routines and a bit of fiddling and I have caught up.

    For some reason flb.fullscreen(cppc) throws an error

    i'll upload my new code later.
  10. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Version 0.46 no on post #1

    • Recent Wiki feature: Remembers the last 6 different wiki's you opened & allows easy opening of them again.
    • Tables no allows formatting as in: Left justified, Centered text or right justified.
    • Tables now support header cells (Not available in bLadeWiki) So whilst PPPCWiki will read bLade files, if you use header cells bLade won't know what to do with them.
    • Accepted Klaus's new Toolbar
    • EditBox resizes sip SIP no longer overlaps it.
    Tidied up lots of code

    Let me know what you guys thinks.

  11. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    ' obj1 is a Door library Object
    obj1.Value = obj1.GetProperty(
    obj1.Value = obj1.GetProperty2(
    "Item"1' 0 = first, 1 = second item
  12. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Minor Update

    This fixes a couple of little things like:
    • Positions the recent wiki combo box on the screen where you can see it.
    • Fixes the ability to load another page inside a page - Syntax [^page name]
    • Fixes not being able to edit pages with spaces in the name.
    Haven't got the checking of menu's working :( don't quit understand it

    Attached Files:

  13. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hi Andrew,

    I was shure that you would have a solution.

    Works fine.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards.
  14. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Some minor changes.

    - Added agraham's routine for the checking of context menu items.
    - Fullscreen works now on PPC

    Needs to add the Door library !!!

    Best regards.
  15. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Hey thanks for that. I just love those little ticks. LOL

    I have disabled fullscreen for the moment though as you can not mimimise the program and I keep it running in the background.

    I may add it as a config option.
  16. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Here you are,

    Added minimze button.

    This works if you have a Task manager program like MagicButton, otherwise the icon is not shown on the todayscreen.

    Best regards.
  17. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Ok here we go again please download latest code from original post.

    I have included a wiki with examples

    Version 0.50
    • Made Auto SIP configurable
    • Fixed carsh when table pipe was first character
    • Fixed exterlinks, not sure why they were commented out
    • Stopped too many line breaks spreading out the final display
    • Added warning to prevent choosing pictures from outside the wiki directory structure.
    • Added ability to resize images syntax [$imagename?100$] if you don't want it resized then [$imagename$]
    • Images can be left, right justified or centered by placing a space after the first dollar sign and or before the closing dollar sign
    • Re added checked menu so you can tell what wiki markup you are using.
  18. digitaldon37

    digitaldon37 Active Member Licensed User

    linking to a specific part of the page

    I'm stumped on how to do this in the wiki program. One of tsteward's remaining features is to implement linking to a specific part of the page.

    Example #1: The wiki markup language will look like this
    [[help#bold][About bold font markup]]
    Example #2: Which translates to HTML
    <a href="help.htm#bold">About bold font markup</a>
    The wiki parser reads the code in example #1 and produces something similar to example #2 (help.htm will be 'about:help#bold' since these are all local pages) The program builds a html string (similar to what you see when viewing a web page and click on "view source") and assigns that to the "DocumentText" property for the web browser library object that we are using.

    There doesn't seem to be a way to make the page display as it would within a browser - that is to have the page jump to the section link. The navigate method didn't work for this application because these are local pages.

    My question: how can section linking be implemented?
  19. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    My latest additions are now uploaded, however the problems mentioned above by digitaldon37 still exist.

    Version 0.52
    • Changed slash wiki markup for tables
    • Added Index lookup for current wiki
    • Form title now shows current wiki - current page
    • Fixed get between list items (insert break when it shouldn't)
    • Started a drawing section but it not finnished so I have disabled the menu for now.
  20. tsteward

    tsteward Active Member Licensed User

    Updates aren't slowing down are they. Well I think they will now.

    Latest changes:
    homepageVersion 0.54

    • You can now insert your own drawing into wiki
    • when editing a page focus is automatically set
    • You can now search entire wiki
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