Android Question phone sensor failing


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phone sensor with nexus 4 running 5.0.1 works fine. same app on moto e (2nd gen) running 5.0.2 fails.
is this likely to be a device/manufacturer issue? 5.0.1 versus 5.0.2 issue? any thoughts, please?

Dim ps As PhoneSensors
ps.Initialize2(ps.TYPE_ORIENTATION, 5)
listening = False

later, user taps button to start listening:
if ps.StartListening( "Sensor" ) = False Then
toastmessageshow("no listening...",false)
' do listening stuff
end if

when i tap the button, nexus shows me which way i'm pointing, as expected. with moto e, i see "no listening" message.


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forget it; moto e doesn't support a number of sensors, among which orientation.