Android Question phone.setvolume (Channels linked?)

Roger C

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Been playing around with the volume settings through phone.setvolume

Noticed there are six different channels in Android but both in the emulator and in my two devices, channels System, Ring and Notification are linked.
If I change one the others follow.

This was not the case in older Android version, I had an app who controlled at least Ring, Notification, Alarm, Media separate but that is not possible in Android 4, or?

Also tried new apps in GooglePlay and they work in the same way. They use intents and that doesn't seem to work either... :(

I think this is stupid since I often need to have the ring and alarm on low volume but do not want to have notifications for SMS, FB, mail, updates... in the middle of the night.

Also the Alarmclock need to have both Alarm and Music on to be able to play the signal.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Roger C

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Been playing a bit more...
Seems like all apps available (tried 5 of them) changes phone.getvolume/setvolume in the same way. System, Ring and Notifications are linked.

My guess is that they intercept the incoming call and plays the same sound as is set in the phone through a player, but how could that work if Media is set to zero?

Is it possible to intercept ALL notifications sent by applications so I could kill them so they don't play a sound?

My problem is that I'd like to make an app so I could set volumes like this:
Ring = 50%
the rest=0%

As far as I see it, this is impossible in Android 4???
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