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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I haven't found an answer without using lots of rotation code.

I took a photo (640x480) using CameraEX and I'm getting weird results with the photo.

If I load it in DirectoryOpus or Photoshop the image loads ok (just as taken) but if I load it in Fireworks or B4A (ImageViews) it loads rotated.

This is an example:


I'm including the photo just as it was taken with the device.

Is there anyway to load it the way it's meant to be inside B4A?

Thanks a lot!


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I think I've found the difference... It's the EXIF data, if I clear EXIF the image will always load rotated (Now Photoshop and DOpus also load it like B4A).

Is there anyway ImageViews take EXIF data in consideration so it loads correctly?

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Well... Now I have a related problem.

The photo loads inside ImageView ok, but I have to upload it to a website. The problem is when I download the photo it's rotated again. I used a WebService and the uploaded file still has Exif data.

First, I used (after httputils2):
Dim BMFoto As Bitmap
imgPhoto.Bitmap = BMFoto ' imgPhoto is my ImageView

This worked but the image is rotated. Since ExifData can only be initializated through a saved bitmap, I tried to save the bitmap contained in BMFoto:
Dim out As OutputStream
Dim dir As String = File.DirRootExternal
Dim fname As String = "rotate.jpg"
out = File.OpenOutput(dir,fname,False)

The problem is, the new file named "rotate.jpg" has lost all Exif data :(

Any idea how can I fix this?

Thanks again!
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