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i am happy to announce about my latest b4i game (and i think the best game i made until today).
it took me about 1 month to create this game (+/- 8 hours/week).
for now it has only 50 levels but if it will become successful i will add more.

Before i exmplain how the game works i would like to thanx few guys:

@Erel for his great work and super fast support!
@wonder for his sunset run example (i am using the physic type, had to change lot of thing in his code but i learnd a lot about velocity and physics)
@MikeH for his english support
and all other members here. THANK YOU :)


Pixel Goldfish

is a FREE fun addictive puzzle game with 50 unique levels.

You need to rescue the gold fish by pulling him from one aquarium and putting him into the second aquarium. (be aware of the spikes)

Short tap to jump low, hold to jump high!


IOS INTRO - (apple allow a video of 30 seconds only):

BTW: there is also a build in cheat that will unlock "Restart from best level" instead of purchase is for 3.99$, if someone would like to have it let me know ;)

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I'm happy everything turned out well, Ilan. My Sunset Run has no issues, but the code I used isn't really solid. I should rewrite it when I have the chance.

Try to make the obstacle height half of the running square and put it in the middle of the screen and make width about 300dip. Then you should see what i mean.