Android Question Positioning BannerAds under BottomNavigationView


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I would like to place my banner ads so it is always under the Bottom Navigation (App Compact / DesignSupport) bar. I've been stuck how to do this since there's no way to position the banner ad using the designer. Or is there a better way to do this?

So far this is what I did under the ReceiveAd event.

Sub BannerAd_ReceiveAd

    DSBottomNavigationView1.Top = (BannerAd.Top-BannerAd.Height)
    Page1.Height = (DSBottomNavigationView1.Top - DSBottomNavigationView1.Height)
    Page2.Height = (DSBottomNavigationView1.Top - DSBottomNavigationView1.Height)
    Page3.Height = (DSBottomNavigationView1.Top - DSBottomNavigationView1.Height)
End Sub
I'm not sure if this is the most convenient way to do it , please correct me if it's wrong.
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