Pre-emptive posting question


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I've used B4A for a while now, and I've noted some things that could be fixed, and quite a few ideas for enhancement. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the product, and that's why I even bother to take note of such things. A program, especially a development environment is never finished and there is always room for improvements, so it's not criticism, I just try to do my part to help push forward.

Now, enough background, on to my question:

What's the preferred way to post these suggestions?

Should I dump the entire list in one post, or should I post each one in a separate thread (possibly grouping very related ones)?

Because I'm lazy, I very much prefer the first option, but the discussion might get a bit tangled. On the other hand, one in each thread might spam the forum, dumping other threads to the second page.