Android Question Prevent tablet from pausing app


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Hi guys,

I've written this app that sends out timely control messages via VCOM port to turn external devices on and off in a strict timing cycle. I built the VCOM transmit code and triggers into a service. All works great, when the display is active and app is in the foreground, but when the screeen goes off, it can take anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds for the data to be transmitted out the VCOM port.

Not sure if there is a code fix I can do, but people are going to be wanting to keep watching the screen to see where they are in the cycle over hours so if I could force the display on, then that should solve it.

Since my VCOM dongle is plugged into USB I cannot also plug power in to the USB, so the developer option to keep screen on while power is applied is no good to me.

Alternatively perhaps someone knows if I can do a hardware mod to the dongle to enable a power feed into the microUSB while a USB slave device is also attached? Its a galaxy S3 10in that this must ultimately run on.