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Does your app have one privacy policy?

Can you give me a clue where to start? Any models?
Everything seems very confusing.


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We have a takeaways App and its Privacy policy is like this:
In order to use the App XXXXXXXXXX, the App uses your device's IMEI plus information added by yourself in our form.
It identify your device in our private data base. It helps us to show to you the status of your orders.
The App needs to know if you Smartphone has available an internet connection then that you can start ordering meals.
This way you will pay your order in the Restaurant....

The App X respects the privacy of its customers.
The App X doesn't use critical personal information.
The App X uses the IMEI of your Smartphone.
The App X needs to know if the Smartphone has or no access to internet.
The App X doesn't share in any way with third parties your information or Smartphone’s IMEI.
The App X discloses your name, mobile number and orders with authorized employees only to active your account.

The App X, may change its Privacy Policy from time to time updating any new information in our website, wwwwwww.web
If you have any questions or complaints in relation to privacy, please contact us 0x xxxx xxxx or by email [email protected]
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