iOS Question Problem after update to IOS 13.3.1


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I have an Iphone 6S with IOS 12.4.5 and everything works fine.
My Iphone 7 just updated to IOS 13.3.1 and I have following problems:
I can compile my App in debug, the Bridge is asking my to install but it does not start the App.
I can see the App on the desktop but the icon is dimmed and when when I try to start I get the message: Cannot install App , try again later.
Exactly same behavior when trying to build release App.
Tried to update to B4i V 6.50 Beta #1.
On my 6S all is working but not on my 7.
With the previous IOS version on my 7 , everything was fine.
Tried to factory reset my 7 but it did not help.