1. Carlos marin

    iOS Question Launch multiple simulators in Xcode with my application

    Good morning to all, I am using the hosted server for testing on my MAC, at the moment everything runs smoothly but I would like to be able to run my debugging application in several simultaneous emulators, at the moment if I run in one it disconnects in the others, I have seen in several pages...
  2. S

    iOS Question Shadowy line around label

    Dear B4X, When I set a labels height quite small (sub 25px) or its width only slightly wider than the text in contains, I get a shadowy line appear at the top and right-hand sides of the rectangle. Screenshot is below. Is there anyway to get rid of this? Regards, Simon.
  3. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Getting the UDID

    I am trying to get the UDID to get started with B4i. I followed the video here but when I open in Safari on my iPad it just tells me to open the page in Safari! There is no green button on the page. Instead there is QR code. In Chrome on Safari the button is present, but the profile is...
  4. M

    iOS Question Uploading ipa file.

    Hello everyone, I am new to ios development. I just finished my app and I need to publish it, I went to the App Store Connect and created an app. I did the steps of Erel's tutrial but I get the following error. (I use windows PC) Can you help me, please. Here's some photos.
  5. Scotter

    iOS Question iTunes publishing new/changed version of iOS app

    I finally got my app on the iTunes app store, approved, and published. Thank you, @mcqueccu for the help in porting from B4A to B4i and helping me get it published!!! Found very small issue in the app and made the change. Changed version from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, recompiled, and re-uploaded...
  6. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] MiniSearchView doesn't work

    Hi, i'm trying to use the minisearchview but i get this error when i use the "setitems" function: *** -[__NSPlaceholderArray initWithObjects:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[1] Thanks
  7. M

    iOS Question Copy a Map to another oen

    Hi in B4i how can I copy a map into another? Given the fact the function "GetKeyAt" and "GetValueAt" doens't exists? Thanks!
  8. Scotter

    iOS Question iTunes connect uploader - payload folder contents

    Here's the error message I get: 'requires a top-level directory named Payload, containing only a .app bundle and optional plugins in a Plugins directory.\"}"' UPDATE (still need help): unzipped "" to find two folders: - - Tried to upload this...
  9. Peter Simpson

    🤗 My happy introduction to B4X

    Hmm, I see that Anywhere Software has created this new section in the forum, so I've decided to add my actual B4X story. WARNING: This is going to be a loooooooooooong read :cool: I've always enjoyed creating software from the early days of the humble 48k ZX spekky, to machine coding my 68000...
  10. Carlos marin

    iOS Question Error: ** BUILD FAILED ** - XUI VIEWS (SOLVED)

    Hello guys. I try to use a chat module shared by Erel (, but when I try to compile the application, I get the following error: The following build commands failed: CompileC...
  11. janderkan

    iOS Question Problem after update to IOS 13.3.1

    Hi I have an Iphone 6S with IOS 12.4.5 and everything works fine. My Iphone 7 just updated to IOS 13.3.1 and I have following problems: I can compile my App in debug, the Bridge is asking my to install but it does not start the App. I can see the App on the desktop but the icon is dimmed and...
  12. D

    iOS Question Webp ios

    Hello, how can i download a webp image by HttpJob and add it to a bitmap?
  13. M

    iOS Question Document Scanner

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to implement a document scanner in iOS with the camera. Something like Office Lens app Thanks!!
  14. M

    iOS Question Read and write mifare tag

    Hi everyone, it’s possibile with b4i ti read mifare tag? I found out this on Apple: thanks if someone would answer.
  15. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] GeoFence and closed app

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if it's possibile to set up a geofence that when you enter (or exit), triggers an event catchable with the app closed. (like Apple "Find My" app, that can send a notification to you when a friend leave/arrive a place). I'm not knowledge about this things , so I'm...
  16. M

    iOS Question Haptic Touch

    I didn’t see this argument on the forum. There is a way to implement Haptic Touch with b4i? Thanks for sharing your knowledge in advance
  17. David Meier

    iOS Question [iWidget] Show content from Webservice in widget

    Hi First of all, thx very much to JanPro for the iWidget Tool. It's fantastic. I tried out the example and it worked smoothely. There is one thing now, that does not work in my personal widget. And that's downloading content from an API and displaying it in the widget. Can anybody help here (I...
  18. M

    Bug? B4i IDE Method missing in IntelliSense

    I noticed that for Page element are missing the method "_Click" and "_Resize(Width, Height)" that exists.
  19. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] TouchID / FaceID Objective C error

    Hi, i'm trying to change this objective C code: #If OBJC #import <LocalAuthentication/LocalAuthentication.h> -(void)TouchID :(NSObject*)handler :(NSString*)subnameok :(NSString*)subnamefail :(NSString*)reason { LAContext *myContext = [[LAContext alloc] init]; NSError *authError = nil; NSString...
  20. Yeskay

    iOS Question Publishing to AppStore

    I'm new to ios development, i request anyone to provide step by step procedure how to create necessary certificate , identifiers, devices, profiles after developer account activated. and also i want to know where and how to use those certificate, profiles in b4i project (local mac...