1. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Your APNs Production Mac Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days

    I have got a notice from Apple saying "Your APNs Production Mac Certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days. To generate a new certificate, sign in and visit Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles." When I log in to my account I see the expiring certificate of type APNs Production Mac. Ok...
  2. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Error with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me), page does not close

    When I display a message with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") and then immediately order to close the page with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me) , on Android it works correctly, but on IOS it does not close the page, and when I click a button that I created and has the command to close the page, nothing...
  3. F

    iOS Question notebook requeriments and how to start

    Hi all im new with IOS, and i want to buy a notebook to develop and other stuff. Does it help me work without problems? and what tutorials / links recomends i need to read before starting Thx all for the help!
  4. N

    iOS Question B4I hide the header , footer, and navigation of the web page that I load inside a web view or wkwebview

    Hi ALL, I'm trying to reproduce in B4I a simple app that I have done on B4X but I have the following Problem. In b4x using the following code, I was able to hide the header, the footer, and navigation control of the web page that I load inside the webview : Private Sub WebView1_PageFinished...
  5. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE 2 - Concept of "ID" different between iOS and Android...

    Hi everyone, I'm developing an app that uses the BLE, i'm using the last suggested way: this. However... i need to connect to a specific device knowing the MAC Address... I made the App for Android and everything works because when the sub "_DeviceFound" fires it returns something like: where...
  6. CrunkFX

    iOS Question SafariController Dark

    Is there a way of making the Safari Controller Appear Dark? Also Tint has no effect on the SafariController at all. Is that outdated? Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    iOS Question Be able to install the mobile application (IOS) without using the AppStore

    Good morning, Currently, I have just finished the first version of my application, but I would like everyone to be able to install it without going through the AppStore, how can I do that? Because I’ve been looking for a few days, but I can’t find anything on the Internet. Thank you.
  8. B

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to Save Data to Application Cache

    Good morning, Currently I am developing an ios application and I would like some help to be able to save the data in the application cache, because I currently find nothing on this subject and yet I spent a day doing research without the slightest response, Enzo.
  9. Carlos marin

    Zendesk SDK iOS and Android wrapper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the Zendesk SDK wrapper, both for iOS and Android, with all its services: SUPPORT SDK Zendesk Guide ANSWER BOT SDK CHAT SDK V2 TALK SDK The SDK link is as follows: You can...
  10. G

    iOS Question B4I library for epub

    Hello everyone! Is there any library that I can handle ePub files? Thank you in advance.
  11. red30

    iOS Question The upload of files in the background

    I've asked a similar question before but never found an answer. I need to upload a lot of files to the server and ios really lacks background uploads for this ... I have to wait and not minimize or lock the phone until all the files are uploaded. This is very inconvenient ... In android, this...
  12. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS SectionedSlider

    I spend a lot of time in creating views, like this and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me and further views, then you can do it here by Paypal or with a coffee. :) ASSectionedSlider Author: Alexander Stolte Version: 1.00 ASSectionedSlider Events...
  13. cjpryor

    iOS Question SOLVED - iOS ASTabMenu question: TabClick event not firing

    So, I am looking for advice as to what I might need to do to make my B4X design work in iOS. I used B4XPages (and XUI) to develop a desktop application in B4J that uses the ASTabMenu control for navigation. It works fine in Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, when run as an iOS application the...
  14. Star-Dust

    Italian Compilazione B4i con Host Mac Builder Server

    Vedi anche creazione Certificati L'anno scorso avevo preparato un Tutorial per la compilazione a beneficio di un amico che per la prima volta compilava per B4i. Forse non è ancora attuale ma potrebbe aiutare chi è alle prime armi quindi lo ripropongo qui: 1) Impostare percorsi del KEYSTORE...
  15. S

    iOS Question Strange firebase behavior. Application_RemoteNotification is not called

    Strange firebase behavior. When I send a message from IOS using this code, Private Sub SendMessage(Topic As String, data As Map) Log("MyTopic ------------> "& Topic) Dim Job As HttpJob Job.Initialize("fcm", Me) Dim m As Map = CreateMap("to": $"/topics/${Topic}"$) If...
  16. S

    iOS Question audio from Ipad doesn't work on android

    Hello. I have a problem. I already created a topic that audio messages on iOS are not played, I solved this problem using the WAV audio files. now the audio that was generated on ios or android works...
  17. red30

    iOS Question TextField keyboard first capital letter

    I have KeyboardType TYPE_DEFAULT set. But when calling the keyboard, you need to manually press the corresponding button to start with a capital letter. Is it possible to set the KeyboardType so that the first letter of the called keyboard is capitalized?
  18. red30

    iOS Question Multiple choice of photos in ios

    There is an excellent iQBImagePicker library for ios. This library is very simple and allows you to solve the problem of selecting multiple photos, but as I understood from the author CaptKronos (who wrote the wrapper), this library is no longer supported. I used this library, but I ran into a...
  19. red30

    iOS Question Uploading files to the server in ios.

    Since there are no services in ios, I cannot upload files in the background. I am trying to find a solution to this problem. In this post, Erel gave an example of how you can extend the upload of files by 30 seconds, but I don't understand how it works and how I can use it ... Can you explain...
  20. red30

    iOS Question B4XSeekBar in CustomListView ios

    B4XSeekBar is very difficult to use in CustomListView as you only need to move your finger in a straight line, otherwise the list will move. I already asked this question, but for Android and Erel I made an excellent solution. Is it possible to do the same in ios?