problem with fmod


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I wrote a program thet read sound file via FMOD. I wrote it in desktop and it work perfectly. when i put the compiled file , fmodce.dll, fomoddevice.dll and sound file in the storge card of the i-mate, it shows an error when trying to play a sound file.
anyone have any solution. i download .zip file from FMOD site that contiansmore than one fmodce.dll with different size which one should i use. could the problom be becaouse of the?



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Thank you Erel
The error comes when trying to start and it is
I will try to use fmodce.dll which is located under the folder you specified.
I will tell you the result...


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now there is no error, but also i could not hear sound
i used timer as
Sub Timer1_Tick
Form1.Text = Format(fomd.Position / fomd.Length1 * 100,"n0") & "%"
End Sub

to put the position of fmod in the form text but the result Nan% wheareas it works perfectly in the desktop. the sound file is .wma....
do you have any idea Erel.:sign0085:

my device is K-jam with WM5.
how can i know dll version?