Android Question Problem with Table module


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Hi !
I am using table module to show list customers . I want each customer takes 3 lines for cell but just show me 2 lines . I did this:
TblClientes.SetHeader(Array As String("ID", "Nombre-Direccion"))
                Dim LISTA As List
                LISTA = parser.NextArray 'returns a list with maps
                For i = 0 To LISTA.Size - 1
                    Dim m As Map
                    m = LISTA.Get(i)
                    'CREANDO UNA LINEA EN LA TABLA VISTA======================
                    '-----Agregando a la tabla-------
                    ID =  m.Get("f_idrecord") & CRLF & m.Get("f_codigo_cliente") & CRLF & ".." 'ID record; ID empresa
                    Name = m.Get("f_nombre") & CRLF & m.Get("f_direccion") & CRLF & ".." 'Nombre y direccion
                    TblClientes.AddRow(Array As String(ID, Name))
                TblClientes.SetColumnsWidths(Array As Int(60dip, 100%x - 70dip))

There is a way to show me the third line. I thougth this can increase because each is a label?