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    ProBundle contains all the following libraries:

    - ArchiverPlusZip v1.13
    Based on the Zip4j library, this library allows to add, extract, update and remove files from a zip archive.
    It supports encryption and decryption (standard and AES), Zip64 format and split zip archives. It is compatible with B4J.

    - ClassLoader v1.0
    This library can dynamically load classes from a separate file (JAR or uninstalled APK) at runtime and verify the file signatures to make sure of its origin and integrity.
    You can use the library to create plug-ins, load code encrypted in the assets or download code from a remote server, for example.

    - CPUFeatures + source v1.0
    This library detects the target device's CPU family and the maximum number of CPU cores.

    - DataCollection v1.07
    This library wraps the ArrayDeque, BitSet, PriorityQueue, SparseArray, Stack, TreeMap and TreeSet classes. These classes can replace your lists, maps or arrays for specific tasks. A TreeSet, for example, can maintain a sorted list of objects in a more efficient manner than a typical List class. A TreeMap is a map whose entries are sorted by their keys. A SparseArray is also a sorted map, but restricted to integer keys, that is lightning-fast.
    This library can serialize to an array of bytes any collection, including Map, List and user defined types. A version for B4J is provided (without the SparseArray).

    - F5Steg v1.2
    This library implements F5, a secure steganographic algorithm, which embeds data into images. Data are encrypted with a password or, by default, with the application signature (thus any tampering of the APK will prevent from extracting valid data).

    - FastIO + source v0.9
    This library replaces the Read and Write functions (with their encrypted variant) of the RandomAccessFile library for arrays of bytes. These new functions are a lot faster.

    - OverlayWindow + source v1.2
    This library allows to create overlay windows and floating buttons. These interactive views can be displayed on top of all other applications.

    - PackageUtils v2.1
    This library replaces the PackageManager class of the Phone library. It gives plenty of informations on packages (activities, features, permissions, receivers, services, etc.) and can list the features available on the system (camera, gps, wifi, etc.). It allows experts to change the enabled state of components.
    An application is provided with the library to show what you can get with it.

    - UltimateArchiver v0.91
    This library wraps P7Zip, a command line utility that can create archives with the 7z, zip, bzip2, gzip, tar or xz format. It can unpack files with extension 7z, cab, gz, img, iso, jar, rar, tar, zip and a few others.
    It supports encryption/decryption and volumes. It is written in C to be as fast as possible.

    - UnArchiver7z v1.0
    Based on the official source code in C of 7zip, this library allows to extract files from a 7z archive compressed with the Lzma or Lzma2 method. It can unpack an archive directly from the assets.
    It does not support decryption.

    - UnArchiverRar v1.04
    Based on the official source code in C++ of the UnRar.dll, this library allows to extract files from a Rar archive.
    It supports decryption, Rar5 format, QuickOpen records and split Rar archives.

    Since September 2018, ProBundle is available for free. You can still donate for it if you wish.
    To send the money, just click on the Donate button below (the amount to enter is in euros):

    CURRENT VERSION : ProBundle 1.22

    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tIxeXWiIdW4F7_GgDs14332g4kkahsuw/view?usp=sharing
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    I´m first but i need to wait for tomorrow :D
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  3. susu

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    Tomorrow, tomorrow!!!
  4. MarcoRome

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    I'm second but me too want see this premium bundle :p
  5. MarcoRome

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    Opps ...third for few seconds ...:)
  6. MaFu

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    Donated. First 25,00 Euros and then additionally 5,00 Euros after seeing the premium announcement.
  7. incendio

    incendio Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Interesting, can callsubextended used to run different RDC at the same time?

    An example would be useful.
  8. Informatix

    Informatix Expert Licensed User

    What do you mean exactly? RDC can mean "remote desktop connection", "remote database connector" or "république démocratique de Chine" in my language ;).
    CallSubExtended has a function "AsyncCallSub" that can run a given sub in a separate thread instead of the main thread, so this sub is not blocking and run in the background. It's perfect to do computations, write to disk (and it's recommended by Google), retrieve a file on a remote server, communicate with another device, benefit from the many cores of your CPU to do something faster, etc. It's not intended to update the UI (only the main thread can do that) but you can do it anyway thanks to the RunOnMainThread function. A list of functions is given in the zip at the bottom of the first thread.
    If you want to do concurrent writes to a database, the database has to support them.
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  9. MarcoRome

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    And so as you told me. You wrote this work. :)
    Great Fred
  10. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

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  11. Informatix

    Informatix Expert Licensed User

    You will see in the Guide that my knowledge on this matter has greatly increased since we started talking. I read a few books on security these past days... But honestly I'm very disappointed by these books. They are vague, their advices are limited to "obfuscate your code" or "write a .so library". And for B4A users, they really lack of interest.
  12. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

    I am very curious to see what you have produced ( Guide ) . And to prove this last your creation ( ProBundle )
  13. incendio

    incendio Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Sorry, RDC means Remote Database connector.

    EDIT :
    Just saw your demo and html file.
    On method AsyncCallSub, there is an identifier to indicate whether Sub is running or not.

    In case on RDC, there are 2 processes, call RDC Sub and wait for response in Sub Job done. Since this is 2 process, do you think it will speed up the whole process by using
    CallSubExtended ?
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  14. Informatix

    Informatix Expert Licensed User

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you want to do. AFAIK, RDC works already in the background (DBRequestManager creates a HttpJob for each request) and Jobdone is not a function that you call yourself, it's an event raised when the job is done. It is not blocking. Unless I understand what you really try to do, I won't be able to give a better answer.
  15. susu

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    I'm using phone so I can't see donation button. Can you give me your Paypal email?
  16. Informatix

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    Done! Now waiting for your mail.
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  18. Anser

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    I have done the Donation.

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  19. DonManfred

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    AFAIK it will not help here. CallsubExtended is made to run an long running sub into background. Calling the request with rdc is not a LONG RUNNING sub... Usually it is a really fast sub. The request is already send in background and raises the JobDone sub.
    You cannot change the behaviour of RDC with callsubxtended.

    Just my 2cent.. Dont give to much weight on my answer; better wait for the answer from @Informatix
  20. Informatix

    Informatix Expert Licensed User

    It's one of its possible use but you cannot limit the library to that. The second demo, for example, uses 2 cores to fill an array faster.
    In some cases, using a service is better. Without knowing exactly what people want to do with the library, it's difficult to give a good advice.
    I already answered in post #14.
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