Promoting Basic4ppc


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Dear Erel and everyone else,

I really enjoy using Basic4ppc and I am convinced that many others would be as well, however it isn't that easy to find it, I at least fell over it more or less by accident. Also the few reviews there are from 2005 and I think everyone would agree that the program has evolved very much since then.

Would it be possible to promote it by sending it in to e.g. database competitions, pocketpcthoughts or other sites? Especially when the version 5 comes out. :sign0098:


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I subscribe to a weekly magazine called Micro Mart and have often considered contacting them to promote B4PPC but have so far opted against doing so because once B4PPC hits the main stream I doubt it will remain the same. Big business often has a way of looking at figures and profit margins rather than the benefit to the consumer.

I like what you have done and continue doing Erel but greater lime light will inevitably bring with it greater hassle. However, if you would like then I will gladly contact Micro Mart to promote your work.