Share My Creation ProPower3 for Profile 3 Phase Energy Monitor


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ProPower3 is the first app I've built from scratch. My previous coding experience was limited to occasional maintenance of the previous version of the software which was built in Visual Basic 6.
It was developed (mostly in spare time, or time that was forced into being spare) to be a complete replacement for that previous version.

The app is supplied with a 3 phase portable energy monitor that is used to monitor the energy/electricity use on 3 phase electrical supplies. The Profile measures & records energy use into time periods (usually 30 minutes). This software allows download (via USB) & analysis of the recorded data.

A demo version of app is available for download at, but I've included a few screen shots here also.
The app is all but useless without the associated hardware but the demo version includes sample data to show the kind of analysis that can be done.

Libraries used include;

A big thank you to @Erel, and to those of you who spend the time & effort to build the libraries that make things so much easier. Thanks also to the members of these forums for the help given (knowingly & unknowingly) during development.
You've taught me (almost) everything I know about software development.