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I'm updating a old app from B4A 5.80 to 8.80 version to firebase support

i haven't update the api targhet because the activities are not shown as before.

1) is it mandatory for a publication?
2) Why the certificates not match?


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The current API target level of your app is 4, but the minimum API target level must be 26 to ensure that the app is based on the latest APIs optimized in terms of security and good performance. Change the target API level of your app with at least 26. Learn more.

You've uploaded an APK that's signed with a different certificate than your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Existing APKs are signed via certificates with these fingerprints:

[SHA1: 90: 76: 29: F1: 6E: 69: 45: C7: F2: 09: 43: 83: E4: 00: 6D: 17: B5: 26: C7: 94]

. The certificates used to sign the APK you uploaded have these fingerprints:

[SHA1: DD: 2B: 8F: AB: 67: 57: 7C: E5: 57: 12: D9: 88: 1D: EB: A7: E7: 6D: 7B: 8D: F5]


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