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I wrote this small app as a joke for my daughter, who at the age of 21, still thinks that playing "Punch Bug" (aka "Slug Bug") is fun. Turns out she now has an iPhone. :rolleyes:

Thought I would upload and share it since it was an exercise in using:
  1. Loading Images into a HorizontalScrollView.
  2. Loading Contacts (Mobile Only) into a ScrollView.
  3. Sending a text message and storing it in the message logs
  4. Using Checkboxes

The libraries it uses are:
  1. Phone
  2. Reflection

For a future version I would like to:
  • Use PUSH Notification instead of Text Messages. Just haven't had time to look into it yet.
  • Log the number of times a Bug Color is Punched. (Then sort bugs so that the most punched bug is displayed first.
  • Log the number of times a Contact is Punched. (Then sort contact so that the most punched contact is displayed first.

One thing that I haven't solved yet is how to send a text message to multiple contacts at one time.

I used this code to create a string with all the selected contacts:

Dim contactPhone As StringBuilder


and then used this code to try and send it:


but I couldn't get the format right and I never received any errors, so I switched it around to send one text for each selected contact.

Any suggestions or helpful hints will be appreciated.

UPDATED To Beta Version 2

I added my idea of a simple Splash screen, which is nothing more than an activity with a single image on it. The image is randomly changed every 1/2 second and moved to a new position on the screen.

The original code was moved to a second module that is started after the timer on the Splash screen is finished. I've also added a touch sub to the Splash screen that would allow the user to stop it and start the second activity.

No new libraries were not needed but it does add a few more learning exercises:
  1. Get a screens height and width using GetDeviceLayoutValues.Height and GetDeviceLayoutValues.Width.
  2. Use Rnd(#,#) to randomly load an image and to randomly set the left and top layout of the image.

UPDATED To Market Version 1

  1. Added AdMob
  2. Got new app icon from Free ClipArt and Icons 10,000+ |
  3. Changed the splash screen to only change the color of a single image and added warning about exceeding text message limits.
  4. Added menu that links to online about, terms, and privacy pages.

Just got done publishing in Google Play:


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Can you please explain to me why I keep getting this error?

Compiling code. Error
Error parsing program.
Error description: Unknown type: reflector
Are you missing a library reference?
Occurred on line: 58
Dim r As Reflector