Android Question QR Scanner without "viewfinder" ??

Christopher Brown

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I installed "Barcode scanner", and "ABZxing" but the 0.3mb front camera of my PIPO S1 wouldn't even scan a barcode or QR code. And it had to be aligned to a tiny window each time. (As my proposed use is someone simply swiping a QR code in front of the camera whiltst the phone is clipped to a waist belt without viewing screen, this isn't practical)

I then installed an app called "QR Droid" which uses the whole screen as the capture area, and can 'catch' scans at oblique angles / uneven focus or exposure / different distances etc - exactly the situations that would arise when simple holding a code in front of the camera. It also gives a "bleep" on a succesful scan ... which would save me having to code that entity into my app! The scanned data is then displayed on a screen.

Now ... (For a newbie, this might be "jumping in at the deep end") but is it possible to 'incorporate' the decoded output of THAT app into my B4A script, and 'bypass' their screen display? I don't need to capture the image, just the decoded value. How do you go about finding what "package" to use, or values are "exported" abd can be "imported". Or is the idea simply a non-starter as regards incorporating output of one app into another app?

** My app MUST use the front camera as the phone screen faces outwards. The idea is the photographer can reach down, and touch the lower 1/3rd ~ 1/2 of screen (large button so he can 'touch' it without having to look for the button on the screen) which will initiate the scan. The QR code is then held 3" ~ 4" in front of the lens, and the QR decoded.

If incorporating one app's output into another isn't viable, can anyone suggest a reader that works without a "viewfinder", and also not ideally positioned scan?

Johan Schoeman

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