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I'm planning to purchase B4i but I have a quick question. Is the $99 Apple Developer account in addition to the $99 purchase price for B4i or is this the same thing? Also, if it is a separate cost, is it necessary to have the Apple Developer Account in order to develop and test my app? In other words, is this something I can wait to pay for once I am ready to deploy my app to the Apple App Store or will I need it during the development process? As it is, I'm assuming I can purchase B4i for $99 and pay $26 for the Mac Builder service and be up and going for $125. Is that correct?

I believe I've found the answer to my question on the STORE page. Still, final clarification would be appreciated. I would hate to purchase and then find out I had to pay an additional $99 to Apple. The term "Apple Developer account" just makes it sound like this is an Apple specific fee.

Thanks. Looking forward to working with B4I!


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You need Apple Developer Account to deploy your app, even that is test app. This $99/year fee will be paid for Apple not Anywhere Software.


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Hi Erel,

As susu wrote you need to an Apple Developer Account in order to develop with B4i.
Would I need this even to compile using your hosted solution? I was under the impression that I would just need to buy B4i with the hosted option to generate an ipa file which I could just install on to my jailbroken device. I'm somewhat confused with all this side of things, so if it's not too much trouble, could you please clarify what bits I need that are a minimum for me to produce an ipa file which I can deploy to a jailbroken device.

Please do not think that because I refer to a jailbroken device that I am discussing piracy. I just want to convert and demo my Android app on an iOS device but without incurring the extra cost for the Apple developer registration for now because I don't know how well my app will convert from B4A to B4i. If my conversion worksout well and both version are pretty much identical, then I can begin the process of developer registration with Apple know full well no money wasted.

Thank you.


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It doesn't matter whether you use the hosted builder or a local builder. I do not know whether it works with jailbroken devices. I have tried it.
Ok, fair enough. But will I have access to the ipa file created by the hosted service? I watched on of your videos on how the hosted solution works and it showed that you have to click on a link within Safari on the device so the file can be installed. Couldn't see anywhere in there where it offered a download option instead.

FYI - I've been doing some reasearch since my post and it appears that I might be able to install an ipa file on a jailbroken device, so it looks like I might get away with it and, it means I get an excuse to buy B4i Enterprise at the discounted rate.;)